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Free Directory Assistance

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An N11 code or N11 number (said as n11) is a special abbreviated dialing telephone number within the North American Numbering Plan, which allows access to special services. Each of these eight numbers prevents 10,000 telephone numbers (from N11-0000 to N11-9999) from being used. Only non-geographic area codes, such as toll-free 800/888/877/866/855 numbers and 900 numbers may use N11 as the telephone exchange prefix, since the area code must always be dialed for these numbers.

Usage is generally assigned as follows:

2-1-1: community services, United Way
3-1-1: municipal government services, non-emergency
4-1-1: directory assistance
5-1-1: traffic information or police non-emergency services
6-1-1: telephone company (telco) customer service and repair
7-1-1: TDD relay for the deaf
8-1-1: underground public utility location, in Canada 8-1-1 is assigned for non-emergency health information and services
9-1-1: emergency services
9-1-1 and 4-1-1 work from nearly every telephone in the U.S. and Canada, while the others vary from place to place. Generally, only 4-1-1 calls incur a toll. 9-1-1 access is mandated by law, even on lines with no service (a "soft" dial tone). 6-1-1 (formerly 8-1-1) may also be accessible to activate service on such lines, and 3-1-1 may be available as well for urgent (but non-emergency) calls to police, or any call to local government in some places.

Other community services are provided through 2-1-1, but only if a non-profit organization operates it locally. Likewise, local or state/provincial government may or may not operate traffic information through 5-1-1. 8-1-1 was made mandatory in the U.S. in 2007, as is 7-1-1. Unlike 9-1-1, these may or may not be available on a phone without paid service ... Learn more at Wikipedia

In telecommunications, directory assistance or directory enquiries is a phone service used to find out a specific telephone number and/or address of a residence, business, or government entity. Directory assistance systems incorporate a wide range of automation to reduce the cost of human operators. Almost all systems use custom database software to locate listings quickly. Most directory assistance systems use automated readback systems to give out the phone number. This frees the directory assistance operator to move on to another caller as soon as the correct listing is located. Some systems have "store and forward" technology which records "city and state" the caller is requesting and then plays the city and state speech to the operator before they come online and then say "Residential or business listing?" or simply "What listing please?" Interactive voice response systems have been added to many directory assistance systems. These complex systems use speech recognition and recorded speech or speech synthesis to handle the entire call without live operator intervention. Most systems recognize location and listing. If recognition confidence is high, the best result is played to the caller. If confidence is low, the caller's request is played back to a live operator, who locates the correct listing In the North American Numbering Plan (covering Canada and the United States), directory assistance may be contacted by dialing 4-1-1 (one of the N11 codes) or to get a listing in a remote or non-local area code, directory assistance is available at 1-area code-555-1212. However, a 411 landline call will provide local listings as well as nationwide listings and sometimes international listings. Most telephone companies permit up to two listings per 411 call. All wireless carriers offer nationwide listings with 411, and some offer additional Enhanced Directory Assistance services ... Learn more at Wikipedia

800-BING-411.mp3 800-BING-411 - 800-CALL-411 Free Directory Assistance - nyphonejacks

800-FREE-411.mp3 800-FREE-411 Free Directory Assistance - nyphonejacks

800-THE-INFO.mp3 800-THE-INFO Free Directory Assistance - nyphonejacks

541-669-4987.mp3 Welcome to directory assistance For English press 1 or stay on the line * For Spanish press 2 * For business government listing press 1 or stay on the line For a residence listing press 2 City and state please When you're ready simply say the city and state you want me to search in What listing One moment please an operator will be right with you Thank you - ThoughtPhreaker

Low Quality Sound Files

509-457-0050.mp3 411 What listing Thank you Please wait while an operator looks *ring*

ameritech-national-directory-assistance.mp3 Ameritech National Directory Assistance - jenn

ameritech-national-directory-assistance-2.mp3 Ameritech Now we'll search by number! - jenn

Services : Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Trace, Last Call Return, Repeat Dialing, Service, Directory Assistance, Emergency Services

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