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Electric Dreams Title

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Video Lyrics by Jeff Lynne Lyrics from the Electric Dreams Soundtrack Lyrics

The satellites that search the night they twinkle like a star
They send their love from up above down to my VTR
The world is at my fingers under control

Play it one more time
Video, got the world on my TV

I see that rock and roll and all those old time movies
They beam across the sky together in electric dreams
I just sit here on my end I'll have it all

Play it one more time
Video, eh oh, got the world on video

I see the shadows in the twilight as they dance, la, la, la
Video madness comes upon me like a trance in the dark
So I just stay right here and the world is okay

Play it one more time
Video, eh oh, got the world on video, oh, oh, oh oh oh

And look at me now, I'm burning up the steely wires
Look at me now, I'm burning up the steely wires
Look at me now


Electric Dreams About the 1984 motion picture film Electric Dreams movie starring Lenny von Dohlen as Miles Harding, Virginia Madsen as Madeline Robistat, Bud Cort as Edgar, Don Fellows, Maxwell Caulfield, Alan Polonsky, Wendy Miller, Harry Rabinowitz, Miriam Margolyes, Holly De Jong, Stella Maris, Diana Choy, Jim Steck, Gary Pettinger, Bob Coffey, Mac McDonald, Patsy Smart, Madeleine Christie, Preston Lockwood, Shermaine Michaels, Lisa Vogel, Koo Stark, Gina Francis, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Frazer Smith, Oliver Barron. Directed by Steve Barron. Written by Rusty Lemorande. Produced by Richard Branson, Larry DeWaay and Rusty Lemorande. With a soundtrack featuring P. P. Arnold, Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra aka ELO and Traveling Wilburys, Culture Club, Giorgio Moroder, Helen Terry, Heaven 17, and Philip Oakey of The Human League
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