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A vertical service code or VSC is a special code dialed prior to (or instead of) a telephone number that engages some type of special telephone service or feature. Typically preceded with an asterisk, or * (star), key on the touch tone keypad and colloquially referred to as star codes, most are two digits in length; as more services are developed, those that use 2 or 3 as the first digit are sometimes three digits in length. In North American telephony, VSCs were developed by AT&T Corp. as Custom Local Area Signaling Services or CLASS codes (sometimes LASS) in the 1960s and 70s. Their use became ubiquitous throughout the 1990s and eventually became a recognized standard. As CLASS was an AT&T trademark, the term "vertical service code" was adopted by the North American Numbering Plan Administration. The use of the word "vertical" is a somewhat dated reference to older switching methods and the fact that these services can only be accessed by a local telephone subscriber, going up (or vertically) inside the local central office instead of out (or horizontally) to another telephone company. Not all of services are available in all areas, and some are only available to landline or cellular telephones. Some require additional services be purchased from the telephone company to use them ... Learn more at Wikipedia

202-965-9901.mp3 This service can not be activated because the telephone number is not in our serving area - natas

202-965-9970.mp3 You have just deactivated this feature - natas

503-864-0077.mp3 We're sorry Your request can not be processed at this time Please try again later

515-287-8262.mp3 You have cancelled your request Please hang up now - The Phonebooth

631-668-9981.mp3 All outstanding requests have been cancelled - natas

732-946-9915.mp3 We're sorry we can not process your custom calling request at this time Will you try again later please

732-965-9984.mp3 This is your remote access service Please use a touch tone telephone only You may now dial your home or office telephone number that has remote access service Please dial now

Lower Quality Files
ameritech-name-finder-plus.mp3 Ameritech Customer Name and Address (Ameritech CNA) Welcome to Ameritech Name Finder Plus If you would like to hear about shortcuts for this system press * followed by 0 now Please enter the area code followed by the telephone number now - jenn

do-not-disturb.mp3 We're sorry the customer your are trying to reach can not be disturbed unless you enter your personal identification number Please enter it now or call again later Thank you

Services : Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Trace, Last Call Return, Repeat Dialing, Service, Directory Assistance, Emergency Services

Phone Sounds, Images, Fonts & Tunes || International Phone Signaling | Pat Fleet | Touch Tone Tunes | Proxy Checker | Electric Dreams | This Is Not a Zine | Fingers You Have Used to Dial Are Too Fat | Jenn

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