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Lyrics (619) 239-KING Lyrics by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Lyrics

Lyrics (619) 239-KING Lyrics by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Lyrics

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Well I wanna know man, is Elvis alive
Yeah I got to know man, is Elvis alive
Yeah I got to cut through all this tabloid jive
Well I listen to the tapes of the woman on Larry king
I'd give anything just to hear him sing again
Elvis pick up that phone, and give me a ring, call me Elvis
At (619) 239-KING
(619) 239-KING
Come on now Elvis, want you to call me
Now Elvis, this is a real number, don't cost a whole lot to call. Now
some of you folks out
there might know where Elvis is, you can call too and tell me. I ain't
talking about the
Batphone, it's the Ephone!
Danny Partridge, Wayne Newton, and Liberace
I don't want to get no calls from you fools you see
Only Tom Jones and the Big E can call me, yeah you know the number
Play that thing man
Some people say you live on an island, with Marilyn Monroe
Every night Jim Bobo the Chimp puts on a great big show
When you get sick you call up Dr. Nick
Elvis if you're coming back you got to do it right
No Vegas no movies just leather, black and tight
If I Can Dream, Mystery Train, come on Elvis give me a ring
I'm gonna get Lisa Marie to marry me
I'm gonna get Lisa Marie to marry me
Then I call Elvis my great big daddy
Hey you wanna know where the wedding is, call me Elvis
Operators are standing by. Give me a call man, yeah, if the phone's
busy, try again. No
I don't want to talk to Sonny. I sure don't want to talk to Lamar!
Albert Goldman, kiss my
butt! EP phone home. I said EP phone home. Give me a call Elvis, no I
won't tell the
Colonel, or the Weekly World News either man! Come on, call me boy!
(Ringing) Say what?
You want me to do what? Get Priscilla in her white underwear and big
black mascara, and
her hands sticking way up high, then you'll come running fast? Say
you're going to jump in
the Cadillac and see me? Oh Elvis I'm gonna get Priscilla for you boy,
whoo yeah!

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