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MySpace Tracker Manipulation By Jenn (2009)

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Most MySpace trackers work exactly the same. They offer a code consisting of an image (sometimes tiny or set to be hidden) linking to their website. Every time the image is requested, the hit is logged. Using my existing MixMap account, I learned where the image is located. I then used CuteHTML (using replace, first 10 at a time, then 100, then 1000) to generate a webpage with thousands of the tracker images.

MySpace Tracker Manipulation
(Incidentally, this is the first time in my many years of using CuteHTML did I notice "completed" was misspelled)

Because I too was a MixMap user, the hits would be identified with the information I provided MixMap (My username ThisIsARecording and a link to my profile which also had a link to my MySpace profile and my MySpace profile has a link to my website.) Of course, my stunt generated a few confused comments posted to my profile.

MySpace Tracker Manipulation

Unfortunately, I did not think this would work as well as it did so I didn't bother to catalogue the number of hits. It was, however, significant.

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