This Is a Recording : Phone Call Error Intercept Message Recordings

This Is a Recording

November 23 2021

Gussied up the place. Made it a little less ugly. Just a little. You're welcome.

May 13 2021

Evan Doorbell of Phone Trips informed me the mystery of the identity of "Anna" is solved. "Anna" is aka Joyce Gordon (Wiki) (IMDb).

If you enjoy this site, you will LOVE Phone Trips. Phone recordings from yesteryear on old equipment with explanations.

March 29 2021

Added 2 sounds submitted to T-Mobile by Erik. Thanks again Erik!

Guy 1 - To complete this call, you must first dial a 1 or 0 plus the area code and phone number, Please hang up and try your call again. Message CA197 54

Guy 1 - Your call can not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again or dial 6-1-1 for customer assistance. Message CA197 51

As well as this sound submitted by Christoper. Thanks again Christopher!

Lady 1 - Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Your call can not be completed as dialed as the called party is busy. Please hang up and try again later.



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