CenturyLink Phone Call Error Intercept Message Recordings


Caller ID Blocking Verification

Pat Fleet - You have reached CenturyLink blocking verification. Your call is not blocked. To check on your line blocking order call 1-800-244-1111 for residential lines and 1-800-603-6000 for business lines. Until your order is completed, please dial *67 before each call for per call blocking. Thank you.

Long Distance Restricted

Pat Fleet - Your long distance call can not be completed because your service has been restricted. Please contact your CenturyLink business office.


Female - Our job is to turn data into information that you can use. Our job is to data into information that you can use.

Can Not Be Reached

Female - The party you called can not be reached. Goodbye. [Repeats in Spanish]

Anonymous Call Rejection Service

Female - The number you are calling does not accept unidentified calls. If you are a solicitor, please hang up now. To automatically unblock your name and number and for this call only and complete the call, press 1. To record your name for identification, press 2 or simply wait. Please stand by. At the tone, please say your name then press pound. We did not get your name. ... The system did not understand your request. Please try again later. Goodbye.

Repeat Dialing Service

Pat Fleet - Line is busy. For only 75 cents CenturyLink will keep trying and immediately call you back when the line is no longer busy. To accept press 3.

Call Trace Service

Pat Fleet - The last call to your telephone can not be traced and no charge will be added to your bill. Please hang up and call the Centurylink Call Identification Center at 1-800-582-0655 if you need further assistance.

Voicemail Access Number

Female - Hello. You have reached Centurylink voice messaging system. If you have a mailbox on this system, please press pound. If you are trying to reach someone with a mailbox on this system, please enter their 10 digit number now. ... Please enter the number now. If you don't have a touch tone phone, you can not use this system. An operator is not currently available to help you. Please call back later. Sorry you're having trouble. Please try again later. Goodbye.