Russia Phone Call Error Intercept Message Recordings



The subscriber is not available now. Please call back later.

The subscriber is not registered in the network. Please call back later.


The phone number you have dialed is currently assigned to nobody. Please check if you are dialing a correct number.

The number can not be called.

Not set.

Invalid number.


Smarts - The subscriber is temporarily absent.

Smarts - Sorry the mobile number is temporarily blocked.


Talk37 - All lines are busy.

Talk37 - Do not have lines to this place.


Megafon - The mobile phone is switched off or outside the coverage area.

Megafon - The number you have called is temporarily unavailable. Please call back later.


Beeline - Sorry. This number doesn't exist or you have dialed the wrong number.

Tele2 - The number you are calling is currently busy. Please call again later.

Golden Service - The number you have dialed is out of service.

Skylink - The mobile telephone is switched off.