Rogers Communications & Rogers Wireless Phone Call Error Intercept Message Recordings


Number Discontinued

Lady 1 - Thank you for calling Rogers. In an effort to provide you with more efficient services we've streamlined our telephone numbers. The number you have dialed has been discontinued. For all Rogers services please call 1-888-764-3771. Thank you for calling Rogers. [Repeats in French]

Voicemail Greeting

Lady 2 - You have reached the voicemail box of ..

Rogers Wireless

Unavailable at the Moment

Lady 1 - The customer you are calling is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later. [Repeats in French] 25

Voicemail Access Number

Lady 2 - Welcome to Rogers Wireless voicemail. To access your own voicemail box enter your wireless phone number with area code then press pound. ... Sorry you're having trouble. Please try again later. [Repeats in French]
how to access rogers voicemail