Windstream Communications Phone Call Error Intercept Message Recordings

Windstream Communications

Automatic Number Announcement Circuit Number

Pat Fleet - The number is 000-012-3456

Not in Service At This Time

Lady 1 - We're sorry. The number you have dialed .. is not in service at this time. Please consult your directory or call your operator for assistance. Thank you.

Did Not Go Through

Lady 1 - We're sorry. Your call did not go through. Will you please try your call again?

Telephone Company Facility Trouble

Lady 1 - We're sorry. Due to telephone company facility trouble your call can not be completed at this time. Will you please try your call again later.

Voicemail Access Number

Female - Welcome to the Windstream Message Center. Please enter your 10 digit mailbox number. Please enter a mailbox number or wait. You are being transferred to the attendant.